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Experiences are tailor-made, moulded around your requirements and designed to exceed your expectations. Let your vision take shape through unique, customised creations.


Make your employees' training more interesting and eliminate avoidable risks thanks to interactive virtual reality, with which they can learn and practice effectively and safely.


Test yourself in complex situations that are often impossible to recreate in reality.


Practice a procedure, immersed in a 3D environment and comfortably seated.

Hybrid Reality Antincendio.jpg


Allow visitors to your museum and gallery to experience history, architecture and art at first hand, making them more engaging.

Visit museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites that no longer exist or are far away, relive historical events that have taken place or enter a painting simply by looking around.

Interact, learn, experience and get to know.


Make your event unforgettable through gamification, or your school days more interesting and engaging.


Explore, shrink, swim, climb, fly, feel the adrenaline rush through a simple immersive visor.
Integrate and enrich your lesson with digital and interactive elements, let yourself be carried away by magnificent landscapes, all without moving a step.

dali house.jpg


Share and send virtual tours of your products to all your customers around the world, wherever they are. All they need is a mobile phone and a cardboard.
Make yourself better known and let your customers easily understand the potential of your products.
Use this tool at trade fairs, you can show all your products via a device, on a 1:1 scale.


The possibility of recreating real environments through interactive and immersive simulations, with a high level of controllability and rigour, has made Virtual Reality an ideal tool for scientific research and clinical practice.
Health and Medicine, Neuroscience and Psychology are among the fields that have benefited most from this technology thanks to its effective use in various fields, from cognitive and motor rehabilitation to the treatment of phobias, and the study of cognitive and psychological processes in healthy patients.

science research


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