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With this notice we would like to inform Users about the cookies used on our Website, accessible from the domain name

Our Website uses cookies, pixels, tags and other similar technologies (collectively, "cookies") to recognise your browser, or the specific device you are using, in order to improve the Services offered by the Controller from time to time.



Cookies are small text strings sent by a Web Site to a User's Internet browser, stored within the User's browser, and then re-transmitted to the Web Sites on subsequent visits. Most web browsers are set up to allow cookies to be automatically stored on the User's terminal.


They are used for various purposes by the Data Controller, and may also be communicated to third parties in the ways described below. There are different types of Cookies, and they can be subdivided as follows:


Cookies can be divided according to how long they remain in the browser into:

Session cookies: which expire at the end of a browser session (the period between the User opening a browser window and closing it).

Persistent cookies: when they are retained for a longer period of time and are stored on a User's device between browser sessions, for varying periods of time, and allow the User's preferences or actions with respect to a website to be stored.

TECHNICAL, ANALYTICAL OR PROFILING COOKIESCookies can be divided according to their function into:

Technical cookies: these are cookies used to perform strictly technical functions. Users' consent is not required for the installation of such cookies when they are used directly by the website operator.

Analytical cookies: these are cookies used to analyse how Users interact with the Website. They can be assimilated to technical cookies.

Profiling cookies: these are cookies used to create profiles of the User and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed during browsing.

In order to be able to use profiling cookies, the User must be adequately informed about their use by the Controller, and must also give his/her consent to their use. This consent may also be given by continuing to browse the Website. The User may at any time revoke his/her consent to the Use of Cookies also through the tools made available by his/her browser.


Cookies can also be subdivided according to the website or domain to which they belong:

First party Cookies: these are Cookies set and/or managed by the Website owner.


Third party Cookies: these are Cookies that are not directly provided by the Website.



The following analytical Cookies are specifically used within the Website

Third party analytical cookies:

Google Analytics: These are cookies created and made available by Google, and allow the collection of information, in aggregate form, on the number of users of the site, on how the site is used, as well as to optimise the functions of the site. 

More information on Google Analytics can be found at the following links and

Users may disable cookies by following the instructions at the following link

Remarketing Cookies

DoubleClick: Cookies used to improve advertising. Some common uses of cookies include selecting advertising based on what is relevant to a user to improve campaign performance reports and to prevent the user from seeing ads that have already been shown in the past. 

DoubleClick cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information about users.

More information about DoubleClick can be gathered at the following links 

Users may disable cookies by following the instructions at the following link 

However, it must be considered that in the case of Third Party Cookies the Data Controller does not have full availability of the collected data, as they are collected and processed by a different Data Controller.


In the case of Third Party Cookies, the Data Controller shall in any case not be responsible for the processing of personal data carried out in a manner different from that provided in the information notice.



In addition to what is set out in this Cookie Policy, you can manage your cookie preferences within your browser and prevent third parties from installing cookies, for example, or remove cookies that have already been installed.

However, by disabling all cookies, the operation of this Website may be impaired.


Below are links to the procedures for the most popular web browsers:


Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Apple Safari


The User may also block the use of Cookies through the option of anonymous browsing on the Site, available in most web browsers. Additionally, you can selectively block Cookies. We propose the following tools:


Ghostery: Plug-in for web browsers that allows you to select which Cookies to use for each website, so each User can selectively disable them; 

Your Online Choices: Website that allows the disabling of behavioural advertising; Google Analytics Removal Tool: Web browser plug-in that allows the disabling of Google Analytics;


We may also use additional third party cookies related to third party services that may be implemented on the Site. In particular, we reserve the right to use the following services:

Youtube: Privacy Policy

Vimeo: Privacy Policy

Google Maps: Privacy Policy

Facebook: Privacy Policy

Twitter: Privacy Policy

Linkedin: Privacy Policy


In the case of use of such services, we will not be responsible for the processing of data carried out by them, as they are used solely for the purpose of sharing content within our Site and not for the purpose of collecting such data. The collection activity is carried out by an autonomous and different Data Controller, indicated in the information notice and/or in any case directly connected to the service used.


In the event that different content sharing and/or embedding tools are used by our Site or by the User, please check the privacy policy of the service linked to the content or of the sharing service.



For all matters not indicated herein, we invite Users to read the Privacy Policy of the Website.


For the purposes of exercising the rights of the Data Subject, as provided for in Articles 15-22 of EU Reg. 679/2016, the contact addresses on the Website may be used.

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